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    With No Warning

    The weight of what would become 2020 hit me with no warning. I’m someone who thrives with a full plate and productivity, with a full schedule to keep me on track. When March 2020 came about and the world shut down, I was not mentally prepared to continue “thriving”. The truth is, I was burnt out. March 2020 forced me to take the time to look in the mirror, better myself from my core, and address the reasonings behind the “why” I’m “always busy”. I thought I was sinking into enjoying having nothing to do but wait for the world to open again, but, in reality, I was spiraling. I…

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    Love and Nurture Your Body at Every Stage of Its Journey

    I began taking my weight seriously about 4 years ago after my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. As soon as I heard that jolt of reality. I buckled down and put in the hard work to shed the weight. What I find is rarely talked about is the mental journey that coincides with weight loss. Surely, losing weight automatically grants confidence, right? WRONG! At least it was for me.