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Welcome to Sweaty Beats!

I’ve been inspired by everyone that’s been following my fitness journey to share with you the ways I enjoy staying fit and healthy! My favorite physical activities are dancing and running. When I’m not running, I’m usually doing Buti Yoga or various workout routines that I create myself.

Sweaty Beats is a compilation of those types of routines, and hopefully you will give them a try for yourself! (But please do so at your own risk and know your limits.) I’ve teamed up with one of my best friends, Megan, to bring you this awesomeness (she’ll be coming up with routines, too). Enjoy! Leave me love in the comment section and feel free to share 🙂 <3 !

Sweaty Beats – Episode 8

Song: Like This (Original Mix) – ClubHeadSLiiM

This is the last episode of 2017!! We go a little crazy at the end LOL. Just full of excitement and celebrating life!!

Sweaty Beats – Episode 7

Song: Questions – Chris Brown

Quick and easy!

Sweaty Beats – Episode 6

Song: Big Spender – District 78

A fun routine for the booty and legs. Enjoy!!

Sweaty Beats – Episode 5

Song: No Fear – Dej Loaf

This is all about working those abs at a more relaxed pace. This routine can easily be done at home!

Sweaty Beats – Episode 4

Song: Toque – Buraka Som Sistema

Ready for some high energy action?!! This routine is packed with planks, mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.!

Sweaty Beats – Episode 3

Song: Feel So Good – Mase

Take it easy with this fun partner routine <3 !

Sweaty Beats – Episode 2

Song: River – Bishop Briggs

This week it’s all about the booty! Get it poppin’ with this squat-filled routine!

Sweaty Beats – Episode 1

Song: To The Max – DJ Khaled

This routine is all about getting that heart rate up and keeping your core tight.

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