Welcome to “Shalin Jeanise” a self-titled blog that will constantly evolve.

I’m Shalin Jeanise – black, female, millennial, creative – and this is where I’ll be sharing all the things that make me “me” and providing you with reads you may relate to.

My hope is that this space curates an environment where readers can find solstice in not being alone, as we are all humans navigating the complexities of life.

This blog has two main sections:

  • “Real Life” – diary-like entries yielding raw musings from my mind, as well as documentations of my experiences and ongoing journey.
  • “Real Creative” – entries all about my life as an artist and my ongoing creative endeavors.

I am so appreciative of you taking some of your time to visit this corner of the internet. Your support motivates me to keep creating content that may touch someone in the most needed way.

Lastly, a special thank you to all of you who have never stopped whispering in my ear to start sharing my words with the world again. I love you.

Love Shalin

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