Real Creative

Lately, I’ve been feeling Real Creative

If you’ve been following my creative journey so far, you may know I’m thoroughly involved in Director Fresh Productions and Director Fresh Flicks.

It all began with me helping behind the scenes in the creation of The Kickback, to then being casted in The Kickback just because Director Fresh needed to find someone quick to help fill a role, and then coordinating the first ever premiere of a Director Fresh Flick.

Well, let’s just say that from there, my involvement in the small film industry has grown expeditiously.

I could go on about what all I do for Director Fresh Productions and Director Fresh Flicks, but I want to unpack the feelings I get when applying my creativity to our projects.

The best thing that has come to me through involvement with Director Fresh Productions is the people. Every person involved in our projects is like an extended family member. It’s always a great time when we gather. If you’ve had the pleasure, you know what I mean by “you can literally feel the buzzing in the room.” Melissa would say “synergy.”

I think that “synergy” is the perfect explanation of what it feels like to not only be in tune with your creative side, but to be applying it to tangible works of art in a group setting.

I feel free.


Full and rested.

I feel excitement.

I feel like “I did that.”

I feel like the world is my big juicy oyster.

I feel like I can do anything.

And most importantly, I feel like a better human. I am a better human.

I am inspired and in turn charged up to inspire. And motivate. And spread the creativity.

I’m ignited to help others realize their potential. To help them realize that they have that creative thing. That their creative thing can be used in whatever place they are moved to be.

It all comes full circle, the creative “synergy.”

It’s an endless loop of feeding my creativity, doing cool stuff, and inspiring others to do the same.

Lately, I’ve been feeling Real Creative…

And lately, I’m falling more and more in love with myself as I live through creative freedom, and the more I get to give back through my creative passions.

I’m overjoyed that I finally pushed through and relaunched my blog, if its only for the sole purpose of touching a few people and inspiring them to jump into the depths of their creative endeavors.

Here, on, I’ll be documenting my experiences throughout the production of Director Fresh’s “Black Blood: The Series” Season 2. My hope is that a little bit of the creative “synergy” will rub off on you. If you’re ever inspired and want to be more involved with what I do for Director Fresh Productions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take that jump. You’ll be in good company. 

Let’s Get Real Creative


  • Nicole C.

    I looove it. The irony of this entire post is that you are already in transition towards freedom. It does not come as a shocker to realize that this freedom is relatively affecting different parts and areas of your life in ways unimaginable. It’s no longer going with the flow and letting things take you on an emotional rollercoaster. You create the life you desire, and we are best able to fulfill our desires when we have the freedom to do so. ☺️

    • Shalin T

      Yes, exactly! That “freedom” looks different for every one, but I love that the common ground is the feeling it provides all of us.

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