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RECAP: “Natural, or Nah?”

“Natural, or Nah?” was my premiere event for Shalin’s 10 Cents.

I worked extremely hard for it to be a success, and it turned out BEYOND my expectations. Nearly ninety (yes, Nine – Zero) people came to support this event, and I can honestly say that everyone had a great time.

“Natural, or Nah?” was a discussion forum on the controversies within the natural hair community, and on the controversies within the natural hair community as it pertains to black hair.

I decided to host this event because I felt it is important to bring the community together in a safe environment to discuss various opinions in a respectful manner. Plus, I’ve dealt with my own instances of controversy regarding my own natural hair. It’s my opinion that controversies become such due to a simple lack of understanding, or at least the opportunity to understand, the other side.

Natural or Nah _ Shalin's 10 Cents (46)

Guided by questions prepared by me (see my last post, here, for examples), the conversation flowed seamlessly with input from my hand-picked panel, and was further fueled by opinions and personal experiences from the audience.

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Some stood firm that all hair is “good hair”, while others could describe exactly the hair grade that they feel society deems as “good”. Some shared their struggles with wearing their natural hair in the workplace, while others expressed how they’d never work for a company who wouldn’t accept their hair in it’s natural state. And it’s shocking how many natural ladies’ hair has been mistaken for a wig…or how many have been told that someone prefers when they wear a straight styled wig.

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The conversation was SO good that we actually only made it through half the discussion triggers. I was overjoyed to hear the audience say they are already looking forward to a second “Natural, or Nah?”. Of course I will make that happen!

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The best part is that at the end of the event, everyone left in love and not animosity – which is exactly what I wanted.

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Stay tuned for more, but until then, check out this awesome highlight video created by THEE Director Fresh!

Refreshments: McNeese Multicultural Programming, Dovely Treats, Blue Jug Alkaline Water & Health Market 
Event Photography: Marian Ramos Photography
Event Video: Director Fresh
Event Decor: Ultimate Designs by Alex
Door Prizes: Queen of Diamonds Hair, Be Black Denim, Onita Glam, Buy & Save, By Bonet Graphic Design, Jessica Pousson, Saint Harry, Koncrete Rose Health & Wellness, Brandon’s Laboratory Photography



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