Something we’re all probably guilty of not doing…

Are we truly – GENUINELY – supporting each other?

Think about it. We’re all guilty of  not doing that at some point.


*meets stranger*


  • I’m an entrepreneur;
  • I rap;
  • I run a blog;
  • I’m a nurse;
  • I’m working on losing 50lbs; ETC…


  • Oh wow, that’s awesome, what’s your business? I’d love to support!;
  • REALLY? That’s DOPE, I can’t rap for nothing!;
  • That’s what’s up, what’s your website??;
  • Yaaasss come on and save lives, nurse!;
  • FIFTY pounds?! Get me right because I need to do the same thing!!; ETC….
*at the next hangout/gathering*


  • I’m an entrepreneur;
  • I rap;
  • I run a blog;
  • I’m a nurse;
  • I’m working on losing 50lbs; ETC…


  • What you trying to sell now? -or- I’d love to support but those prices…;
  • LOL how you gonna rap and you can’t even talk straight;
  • Everybody tryna have a blog, vlog, clog, dog, fog, hog;
  • We know we know we know, we’ve heard you’re degreed ten times and how you’ve Operation Saved a Life twenty;
  • Only way you gonna lose 50lbs is when you stop eating all them beans; ETC…..


I’m going through this now!


Y’all don’t understand how many times I get these in a negative connotation:

1. “ Yeah but don’t you have to wait 4 yrs til you get your license anyways, so why’d you even take the PE exam early..”

  •  😑 Because I’m ambitious and like to stay several steps ahead of my own game, thanks for the congratulations on passing 🙄.

2. “Why blog when you’re an engineer.”

  • ………. 😐😑 ………because I can.

3. *posts hair video* ..  “Everybody’s already doing beauty blogging; I like your other stuff better. ”

  • 🙃 K thx. My face:


All that being said..

The next time your friends or family invest time in talking with you about their craft, reflect the good energy of listening to understand and reverberate encouragement.

That is unless they’re  in the business of operating meth labs or something of that sort. Encourage them to close up shop, we don’t need any of that!

shalins10cents_AM (2)

And as for self-motivation, don’t be concerned about the next! Be concerned about you! There’s a lot of millionaires out there because they took a non-original idea and put their own finesse on it. Ironically enough my Dad recently asked me why my home-screen is a picture of a bread aisle. YES – a bread aisle! It’s simply there to remind me that out of the 7.5 billion people in the world there’s bound to be like-minded ideas, but it’s the personalization that counts! There’s only one of you! You don’t think Sara Lee knew Pepperidge Farms was making bread too? God will make room for you!


Be good to others; be good to you.

Love Shalin

P.S. – Can you relate? Let’s talk! Drop a comment.

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  • Darius Clayton

    I can definitely relate! I’ve always been ambitious and involved myself in many activities that seemed impossible. I knew I was meant for something more than I was given. My friends called me a nerd. I dropped them. My family wanted me to focus on steady income. Their favorite words were you’re always trying these get rich quick schemes. Now I get invited to speak all over the state; and guess whose riding with me.

    • Shalin T

      It’s crazy how the same people who put you down and/or showed little support come back when you’re finally to that next level! Keep doing good work Darius!! <3

  • Alberto Romeo Palomino

    Great Perspective in supporting one another, Shalin!!!
    My son mentioned something to me when he was about six (or seven) years old… In life, you can build up people, or you can tear them down. Building up is by encouraging, tearing down is demoralizing. I try to carry his message with me (as much as possible).

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